This is a faithful 1:1 build of Player's Camp in Minecraft Dungeon.

The build has been made in Minecraft Bedrock, manually, while looking at the camp in MCD game. Every bloc of dirt and grass is in its place, every bush, every tree, every mob… every detail has been reproduced with as much care as possible in the 1.16 beta of Minecraft Bedrock.

Side-by-side walk in Dungeons and Minecraft

The video has been recorded using Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Java edition 1.15.2, using Faithful texture pack and projectLUMA shaders (with Optifine) to give Minecraft that nice RTX aspect. Both parts of the videos have been synced as much as possible and with care.

Dungeons camp in Minecraft - Showcase screenshots

Download the build

The raw build is available for free download. You can use it under the creative commons BY-NC-SA licence.

Another version of the map; that has been planted on a Minecraft world (with fitting natural-looking surrounding), will be available soon for Patreons (starting from 2 €) and FireTipRs (on our gaming community's uTip). This world is available under the creative commons BY-NC-ND license.

Here's a preview of the full map: